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During the 90’s, there were many different trends that plenty of people loved. Whether it was from music to fashion, it’s still comes back even until this day.

One of the most popular trends in the 90’s was the unique and crazy jewelry that was just simply easy to make. From little things like watch rings to puka shells, there was something for everyone from ladies to even men.

From all the jewelry trends that were created, one of the biggest jewelry trends was the 90’s tattoo choker. It was simple, stretchy, and pretty much made of either fishing line or really thin plastic string but everyone simply loved it.

Recently, since this jewelry statement came back, I was on the hunt to look for them since I myself used to wear them as a kid. I browse around malls and even online to find this special tattoo choker. I did find them at many places but I didn’t want to purchase them since they were either not my color of choice and I didn’t want to spend 2749472x dollars for something that was probably less than a dollar to produce.

Instead of just buying one for just $12.00, I decided to buy the materials and do it myself. Even though it too me a while, it was so easy, I decided to share these simple D.I.Y steps with you!

Materials :

Super stretchy cord/string or fishing line of which color you prefer

Binder Clip


Glass Seed Beads (optional)


Directions :

1. Cut the string arm length (necklace) or inside your elbow (bracelet). I would suggest to probably cut a little more just so it will be a little easier for you to end your choker or bracelet.


2. Fold the string in half and clip the center to a binder clip or anything stable to secure the string from moving.


3. Pull on string straight and make a loop with the other string then tighten it but pulling the loop all the way to the top.


4. After, do the same thing but with the opposite string. Simply loop the straight string to the other. Just alternate.


5. When your done looping the choker, pull it out from the binder clip then trim off the excess ends. I added a black bead just to give it a little decoration (optional)image

6. Tie the choker to the other end of the original loop.


7. To make sure it is secure, I melted the two ends of the string together so it could last longer. However, you can just simply tie the ends if you don’t want to mess with fire.


Then.. Ta Da!

It may look kinda difficult at first but this tattoo choker is so simple and easy to make once you get the hang of it. You can pretty much wear it whenever you prefer. The best part? you don’t even have to worry about adjusting it to your fitting. Try it out! This simple D.I.Y. is great especially to gift to a friend to share some 90’s memorabilia.

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